Professional Experience

Dr Jodie Housman

Dr Jodie Housman’s professional practice within a clinical, supportive counselling and forensic domain include:

Mental Health and Relationship/s

Providing supportive mental health services to adults and adolescents to enhance overall health and emotional well being.

Providing supportive relationship counselling to couples who experience communication difficulties, relationship upheavals and emotional turmoil.

Undertaking assessments and developing treatment programs for adults, adolescents and children with mental health issues and complex presentations (i.e. depression, anxiety, substance abuse).

Fertility Support

National Consultant Counsellor at the City Fertility Centre. Providing implication and supportive counselling to patients and donors in accordance with federal and state law, NHMRC ethical guidelines and ANZICA guidance.

Senior Counsellor (2011-2020, Brisbane and Sunnybank Centres) City Fertility Centre. Services include providing supportive infertility counselling, grief and loss services, donor counselling and pre-surrogacy counselling/reports.

Presented at the Scientists in Reproductive Technology Conference (SIRT – May 2019) on Transgender / Gender Diverse Patients & ART Treatment.

Presented at the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association Conference (ANZICA March 2019) on Resilience & Infertility.

Disability Support

Providing information, support and training to families and carers from a holistic approach on skill development and behaviour management for people with an intellectual disability and/or mental health concern.

Providing psychoeducation and psychological support to parents who have a child with a disability on partner support, coping strategies, distress tolerance and self-care.

Conducting assessments and providing psycho-education and therapy to parents who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing separation and divorce. Focusing on parent and child adjustment difficulties, parenting and co-parenting practices and interparental conflict.

Facilitating Group / Individual Triple P Positive Parenting Programs through Disability Services Queensland, including ‘Stepping Stones’, ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Pathways’ programs. To assist parents in their implementations and maintenance of effective parenting practices.

Conducting assessments of children and adolescents with challenging behaviour and implementing effective developmentally appropriate behaviour management strategies consistent with the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Trauma and Abuse

Conducting assessments on children and adolescents who have experienced trauma.

Providing a consultative role to Government and Non-Government departments on the following topics:

  • Signs of child sexual abuse or symptoms of post-abuse
  • Issues to consider in planning safe contact and/or reunification
  • Risk/protective factors
  • Maternal support and impact on victims
  • Children with sexual behaviour problems
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Self-harm

Child Protection & Court Services

Accredited Practitioner Triple P Positive Parenting Program (Standard, Stepping Stones, Enhanced and Pathways).

Representing the Director-General (Department of Child Safety) as a Court Coordinator / Court Services Adviser in Children’s Courts and the Children Services Tribunal in child protection matters and coordinating departmental representation in these courts and tribunals, including representation by Crown Law.

Undertaking and assisting others to undertake the necessary interviews, assessments and written material to formulate Children’s Court and Tribunal submissions and provide post-proceedings advice consistent with departmental policies and practice standards.

Resourcing and supporting departmental witnesses and quality assuring material for the Children’s Court and Children Services Tribunal.

Providing authoritative advice and consultancy to departmental staff and other key stakeholders on a state-wide basis in relation to legislation, policy, practice and procedures relevant to the provision of services to the Children’s Courts and Children Services Tribunal.

Management & Supervision 

Supervising Child Safety Officers, Child Safety Support Officers and Court Coordinators.

Facilitating case consultations with Managers, Senior Practitioners, Team Leaders, external stakeholders (including Indigenous Entities) and Child Safety Officers in relation to Approved Carers; Children Services Tribunal matters and child protection matters.

Elise Atkinson

Elise Atkinson’s professional practice within fertility, supportive counselling and relationship domain include:

Fertility Support, Psychotherapy & Relationship Services

Elise worked as the Senior Counsellor at the Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) from 2018-2020 . As the Senior Counsellor, Elise was responsible for the day-to-day management and counselling policies for QFG Brisbane counselling service and counselling related management and support for contracted counsellors practising within QFG regional centres. She was responsible for providing mentorship and training for members of the counselling team via regular peer supervision, counselling team meetings and the QFG counselling manual and new counsellor training program. She was responsible for ensuring the programs were in compliance with clinical governance, quality management systems and audit. She worked within a multidisciplinary team.

Currently, Elise works for QFG as a Consultant Counsellor and is a National Consultant Counsellor at the City Fertility Centre. She provides implication and supportive counselling to patients and donors in accordance with federal and state law, NHMRC ethical guidelines and ANZICA guidance.

Elise is accredited by the British Infertility Counselling Association. While working in the United Kingdom, Elise provided implications and supportive counselling to patients and donors in accordance with the HF&E Act and BICA guidance.

Elise has co-facilitated training in fertility for the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists and co-written an article “Infertility: The Perspective of a Couple Therapist”; for the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) Journal.

Elise has also featured in the leading United Kingdom, European fertility support publication ‘Fertility Road’; and the ‘Frankly Fertility’; social channel series for Virtus Health offering a specialist’s insight into fertility-related concerns and issues.

Additional Qualifications

2018 Integrative Couple Training for Professional Counsellors

2012 Certificate Fertile Body Method

2011 Accreditation British Infertility Counselling Association

2009 Certificate Mentalization Based Inter-Parental Therapy

2008 Certificate Psychosexual Therapy

2007 Membership British Infertility Counselling Association

2005 Registered Membership British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

2005 Postgraduate Diploma Psychodynamic Marital and Couple Therapy