Fees & Rebates

Therapeutic Services

Clinical Psychologist
Consultation & Supportive Pregnancy/Fertility Consultation*
Face to face, telehealth, video conference, and telephone.
50 min


* Longer consultations will occur additional fees
Additional fees are at the discretion of the Practice Manager.
* Additional Fees
6-15 minutes – $62.50
16-30 minutes – $125.00
31-45 minutes – $187.50
Telephone & Written Correspondence (APS Rates)

Provided to clients
(e.g. letters only, emails)
<5 min

6-15 min
16-30 min
31-45 min
46-60 min
61+ min / 3+pages
No cost

$ 77. 00
$154.00 **
$213.00 **
$280.00 **
APS Rates **
** Australian Psychological Society Rates (APS Rates)

FROM 2023 – NOTE – DR HOUSMAN DOES NOT PROVIDE REPORTS INCLUDING THIRD PARTY REPORTS (NDIS, Work cover, Superannuation, Letters to Employers, Court Reports etc..)

Consultations & Payment Method

Urgent consultations are a priority for existing clients.

Payment is required at the time of consultation for face-to-face consultations. In addition, payment is required upfront for all telehealth, video and telephone consultations.

You will be sent a confirmation text or email (please inform us of your preference), and our Practice Manager will contact you to arrange payment at least one working day before your consultation. If you need to cancel or postpone, please provide at least 24 hours prior notice (at least one business day) per our cancellation policy below.

Payment methods accepted: EFTPOS only (including Credit Cards: VISA & MASTER CARD).

Medicare and Private Health

For Face to Face consultations: You can claim your Medicare rebate at our office when you provide a valid Mental Health Care Plan, Chronic Disease Management Plan (Psychology) and/or Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling (Psychology) Plan. There is an out-of-pocket expense. For Clinical Psychology ONLY

For Private Clients and Private Health: We have HICAPS available for clients who participate via face-to-face. Clients must claim through their provider for telehealth, video and telephone consultations. Before your consultation, please check with your Private Health provider to see if you are covered by Clinical Psychology.

For Medicare telehealth consultations: Clients must claim through Medicare directly to receive their rebate. Please refer to Medicare How to Claim Online OR Express Plus Medicare Mobile App. Please ensure your referral is up to date before you attend your consultation to claim your rebate back from Medicare after the consultation.

Medicare Rebate for Service Type:

Mental Health Care Plan (Clinical Psychology): $131.65

The Chronic Disease Management Plan (Psychology): $54.60

Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling (Psychology): $64.10

Third-Party Consultations and Reports


Cancellation Policy

Your consultation is a priority at Housman Psychology. If, for any reason, you need to cancel or postpone your consultation, please provide at least 24 hours prior notice (at least one business day); otherwise, full clinic fees will be charged. For example, if you wish to cancel or postpone a consultation scheduled for a Monday, you will need to cancel on the Friday prior; otherwise, full clinic fees will be charged. Clients cannot re-book a consultation if there are outstanding account fees.